Bringing a client's vision to life is at the heart of what I do. I am a seasoned photographer, with an artist's eye and a strategic mind. My 25 years as a Creative Director and Designer give me a unique sense of what an image should convey. My images' aim is to tell the subject's truth - be that a brand, a product, a living space, an event, a landscape or a moment.
From concept to execution, I aim for perfection through expression.


Every product has a personality. Whether you are working within an existing branding campaign or looking to define that personality, I am uniquely qulaified to help create and capture the imagery your product/brand needs. I've shaped brands and directed shoots as a Creative Director for years before I decided to step behind the camera myself. Filling both of those roles gives me valuable perspective and ability to flesh out and capture your product vision.


Architectural photography is a special niche category that brings unique challenges. Managing light and space to capture that unique quality that exists in each property. In a former life, I was a Real Estate Appraiser and I worked with countless realtors. Combine that with 20+ years as an Advertising Creative Director, and you have someone who instinctively knows what sells, and how to portray that in its best light.


Action, Lifestyle, Landscape, Sports. It's all about understanding your subject and finding its soul, playing with mood, light, motion and composition. I'm always looking for new challenge and adventure.