Maker's Mark

  • Components:

    Relationship Marketing

  • Assignment(s):

    Cultivation Program The Maker's Mark Ambassador program is sent out to identified bourbon drinkers. The aim is to leverage the passion within this category and specifically for Maker's Mark. The program includes an invitation and welcome package. Uses actual wax stamp (the same wax as is used on the bottles), paper which simulates that of the bottle label and photography that ties back to the advertising campaign. The welcome package includes a personalized "Manifesto" containing an education in the making of Maker's Mark, encouragement to pass on the brand message, and a section to enter official stamps received at members-only events. Directions on how to log on to personalized web site are included. "Discovery Cards" are included to hand out to potential Ambassadors. Enrollment and participation in this program was well beyond the client's expectations.

  • Responsible for:

    Art Direction

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