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About us

What we do

We stir things up

We put your business / product / cause on the map. We give it a face and a voice that speaks authentically to your audience. Most branding agencies are chasing and reacting to consumer trends and behavior. We define, reach, provoke, and inspire your audience. We cultivate connection and relationships, while measuring tomorrow's winds.

The Work

Great Falls Brewing co

Swim Across America

EMBARQ Communications

Maker's Mark

H&S Woodworks

POW'R Tobacco Cessation Center



ELEMENTS by Symmons


Smoke-Free Housing

Identity | Logos

National City Bank

Genuine Stone Council

Bernheim Arboretum


Louisville Ballet


Summit Property Management

Signature Design Studio

We get around.

With an exceptionally diverse client history, and success with a broad range of audiences, it's safe to say we're not one-trick ponies. The key is to walk a mile (or fifty) in your target audience's shoes. Only then, can you begin to have a conversation. You can't fake authenticity.
Fortunately, we don't have to.





The Process

The building blocks of what we do.

There is no one recipe for successful branding. If anyone tells you there is, run. There are just too many variables - target audience, economic climate, budget, level of need, competition, etc.. Your business and its goals are unique. With that fact in mind, you need a group that has a proven record of reading the prevailing winds, understanding human nature and behaviors, knowing how to plot out a course, and working within a budget. Some of these things, you can't teach. Good, creative talent sees what others don't. With that said, there are core steps to successful campaigns - each equally important and building off the one before.

1. identify
2. strategize
3. create
4. Deploy
5. Measure
6. React

None of this is rocket science. But to get it right, you do need both sides of the brain firing simultaneously. The most creative idea goes nowhere if your target isn't identified and your stragey is not sound. And brilliant strategy is worthless unless great creative minds are able (and allowed) to bring it to life. This is what we do.


Let's talk about your next opportunity. We can help you make the most of it.